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CCR, the Computer Communication Review


CCR fills a unique niche in the spectrum of computer communications literature: publish quickly articles containing new ideas, or visions, in order to allow the community to react and comment.

CCR is the magazine of the ACM SIGCOMM. Members receive CCR quarterly. However, everyone is encouraged to contribute. CCR readers are invited to submit articles, but also to react to articles and write editorial type contributions (see submission guidelines for details).

  • CCR has a strong emphasis on quick publication of interesting technical work, even if the work is still in progress, thereby keeping readers current with state-of-the-art research and publishing papers on hot topics before the topics are hot!
  • The number one criteria to publish a paper is innovation. CCR does not generally publish surveys or previously published papers, unless there is a new idea not published earlier.
  • Despite the tight schedule (the usual turn-around between submission and publication is 4 months), every CCR article is reviewed by experts in the field before publication.
  • CCR mixes different types of articles (see below) in order to react timely to the actuality of networking research.
  • CCR has a strong commitment to helping authors with interesting research ideas get their work published quickly.

CCR accepts two types of submissions: technical papers and editorial contributions. In broad terms, technical papers are carefully prepared presentations of technical material within the field, while editorial contributions are short less formal presentations on topics of broad interest to the research community. The scope for editorial contributions spans topics such as interviews of research scientists and industry leaders, editorials, conference reports, summary standards, NSF or European Commission user manuals, arguments on a research topic, outrageous opinion columns, favorite hits, What's Worth Reading, and similar material. Emails from readers are also welcome in this editorial section.

Authors of CCR papers keep the ownership of the copyright. Therefore, the publication of a paper in CCR does not preclude the later acceptance of a related paper to any workshop, conference, journal or magazine. However, any derived submission should provide a significantly more in-depth treatment of the idea, for example, by providing a more complete evaluation. The final decision on how different the derived submission must be is left to the appreciation of the venue where the derived work is submitted. 

Please note that even if we accept submissions all year around, there are now 4 implicit deadlines: 1st of December, 1st of March, 1st of  June, and 1st of September. Paper submitted right before the deadline will experience a 6 to 8 weeks review process. Please contact the CCR Editor for editorial submission.

CCR archives are available through CCR Online (see below) and also on the ACM Digital Library (free of charge)


And CCR Online, the CCR virtual community

CCR Online has a separate editor in charge of the design, promotion of CCR Online, and coordination with CCR Newsletter. You can contact Ernst Biersack for any question specific to CCR Online.

Notice to Past Authors of ACM-Published Articles

ACM has created a complete electronic archive of all articles and/or other material previously published by ACM. If you have written a work that was previously published by ACM in any journal or conference proceedings prior to 1978, or any SIG Newsletter at any time, and you do NOT want this work to appear in the ACM Digital Library, please inform, stating the title of the work, the author(s), and where and when published. If you have any questions concerning this statement, please contact, as well.